Suffering Soul of Friendship

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by Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology Introduction Perhaps one of the most enduring experiences and memories we all have are those of friends from when we are children up to when we are adults in later years. A … Continued

Suffering Soul: Child Divorce

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I was at one of those numerous parties I attended when my wife and I lived in Lusaka in the capital city of Zambia in Southern Africa. It was Saturday night at a University of Zambia Handsworth Court faculty member’s … Continued

Suffering Soul of a Child

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I grew up in a large family of 9. It was school holidays. All my brothers and sisters were home; so were my older sisters 16 and 18 years old. They were going to Kanyanga Catholic Girls Boarding School. They … Continued

Suffering Soul Kuzingiziwa

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“The very attempts of modern societies to insulate themselves from suffering have resulted in a refusal of love, for the willingness to love and be loved makes suffering inevitable.” President Kenneth Kaunda, A Humanist in Africa, 1966, 1976, p. 40. … Continued

Soul Rapture Romance

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I drove in the Shenandoah Valley on the highway with the beautiful leaves covering the mountains on both sides. The leaves were a bright yellow, red, and burgundy as if they were glowing with ambers of fire. We had driven through … Continued


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I was first exposed to the image, meaning, and story of slavery in my sixth grade forty-one years ago. This was ten thousand miles away from the US in a small Tamanda Upper Boys Boarding school in the Eastern Province … Continued

Dinner by Moonlight

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Some of the most delicious meals that fed my soul were when I was growing up in my family. This was north of Chipata at Kasonjola School in the Eastern Province of rural Zambia in Southern Africa. My mother was … Continued

Masala: The Soul of the Savannah

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The Savannah in Zambia is characterized by scattered trees and short grasslands that often stretch for as far as the eye can. The Savannah in river valleys is a wholesome sight of beauty. The masala is different. There are small … Continued

Life is like a Candlelight

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When we are born as tiny babies, the mother, the birth attendant or midwife first hear a piercing cry as a symbol of the beginning of our lives. The crying later will signal discomfort or pain and laughter will represent … Continued